driver cpc Driver CPC training for trucks and other LGV (HGV)

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Driver CPC training for bus and other PCV (PSV) types

DRIVERS CPC for professional LGV and PCV drivers

Periodic Training Requirement


PCV drivers

From 10th Sptember 2008 all commercial PCV drivers will need to complete 35 hours of training before 9th September 2013*

HGV drivers

From 10th Sptember 2009 all commercial LGV drivers will need to complete 35 hours of training before 9th September 2014*

*Failure to complete the training before these dates would mean that you would be driving illegally with a likely fine to be up to £1,000.00

Get Qualified

Initial Driver CPC

Initial qualification for new drivers of

  • bus (PCV) licence categories: D1, D

  • truck (LGV) licence categories: C1, C

To become a driver and successfully gain the DRIVER CPC a new driver must pass the following 4 modules:
  1. Theory and Hazard Awareness test (Module 1).
  2. Case study questions and answers (Module 2).
  3. Practical Driving Test (Module 3).
  4. Practical Demonstration Test (Module 4).
Stay Qualified

Periodic Driver CPC

Periodic training for current LGV and PCV licence holders of

  • bus (PCV) licence categories:  D1,  D1+E,  D,  D+E

  • truck (LGV) licence categories:  C1,  C1+E,  C,  C+E 

Current bus and truck drivers will need to do 5 days training every 5 years covering the following topics:
  • Advanced Training In Rational Driving Based On Safety Regulations
  • Application of Regulations
  • Health, Road and Enviromental Safety, Service, Logistics  

For information on becoming a training provider please visit the official driver cpc site



 driver cpc
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